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Matik - Belay device Matik - Belay device
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Brand: Camp
The assisted braking action of the Matik from Camp derives from an innovative camming design that makes the device safe and easy on the climber, the b..
200.00лв. 250.00лв.
Brand: Camp
A lightweight, compact auto-braking descender for rope access and rescue designed for semi-static ropes ranging from 10-11 mm. Designed for expert use..
Brand: Camp
An innovative multifunctional descender developed to meet the demands of the most technical rope access and rescue specialists. The internal mechanism..
416.00лв. 520.00лв.
Brand: Camp
Auto-braking single rope descender with two locking positions. Descent speed can be controlled up to 2 m/s. Maximum working load: 160 kg (200 kg for r..
239.00лв. 307.00лв.
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